Tree Removal

All Pro Able Tree & Timber is a family owned and operated tree service which has been serving the Southern Tier, Twin Tiers, Northeastern Pennsylvania, and surrounding region for over 50 years. 

Big trees don’t scare our team of professionals, no matter the tree, call us, All Pro Able Tree & Timber will be there!

With over 50 years in the business, our family run operation takes pride in ensuring the job is done safely, effectively, promptly, and within budget. No tree is too small, and we specialize in large tree removal.  All Pro Able Tree & Timber has expertise, staff, and equipment to handle any tree or timber situation.

Tree removal is common for homeowners with trees on their property. As trees age they can succumb to a host of stresses and diseases. Eventually, trees lose structural integrity and need to be removed to prevent damage to people and property. Trees may also need to be removed to reduce competition with remaining trees or to clear an area for new structures. Often trees are located near offices, homes, utility lines, and other sensitive areas. All Pro Able Tree & Timber’s crew have the equipment and experience required to remove trees safely and efficiently tackle even the toughest, most dangerous removal jobs.

If your tree is in danger of falling, if it’s diseased or damaged, or if it’s too large or heavy for you to handle it should be removed.  Felling a large tree can be a very difficult task and requires training and expertise. Our crew can get the job done faster than someone who is trying to do it themselves.

If your tree has already come down, or is partially down, contact us to help you safely clear the downed trees, and help you get your property back in shape. Let our team use the right tools and equipment to get the task done safely and correctly while taking some of that burden off you so that you can focus on getting your life back to normal as quickly as possible.

Depending on your specific need, the tree(s) involved and site access, we may utilize climbers, heavy equipment, or a combination of both to remove your tree(s).

The All Pro Able Tree & Timber climbers are not limited by access and have less impact on the landscape than bucket trucks. Depending on the tree, our experienced tree climbers may be faster and more versatile than using bucket trucks to remove trees.  When space and landscape features allow, felling the tree is often the most efficient and safest method to remove the tree. In this process, the tree is cut and felled directionally to the ground, where it is then cut into pieces and removed from the property. In more confined space, climbers rig tree limbs, remove them from the standing tree, and lower them to the ground in pieces appropriate for the situation.  Rigging is often the preferred tree removal method near homes or buildings and in areas with minimal access.

Large trees often require a crane for removal.  When access is allowed, cranes provide a removal method where large trees can be removed efficiently and safely. All Pro Able Tree & Timber utilizes bucket trucks as well as small and large cranes so equipment can be matched to the specific needs of the job.  During crane removal, limbs are secured to the boom, cut, and then lowered to the ground where they can be fed to the chipper or loaded into a log truck.  In situations where large amounts of material are being removed, mechanical skid steers are utilized to move logs and debris as needed.

No matter what method or combination of methods we use, the All Pro Able Tree & Timber team will do our best to ensure that our operations are low impact to the surrounding property and landscape. Our field crew custom plans the most efficient and low impact removal method for your specific property. When needed, plywood and rubber mats are utilized to reduce impact to turf and sensitive driveways.  Our skid steers are outfitted with low impact landscape tracks that enable us to move large material easily over lawns and driveways.  These methods and equipment allow us to remove trees and debris from your property with minimal disturbance.

When choosing a tree removal service, it’s important to consider factors like price, qualifications, and experience. Price can vary depending on the size of the tree and how much work needs to be done; qualifications include whether the company has permits and licenses required for removing trees, as well as knowledge about specific types of trees; and experience is important because companies with more experience are typically better at safely removing trees without damaging your property, structures on the property or even other trees in close proximity.

It is important to remember that tree removal is not just about removing the tree itself. Removal of the stump, roots and any other debris left from the job must also be considered. If your tree service uses stump removal with tree removal, it will take care of everything for you.

Whatever your situation, we can take care of removing your tree carefully and professionally.

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If you need help removing a tree from your property or even an emergency tree removal, contact us today for a free, no obligation estimate for your tree care needs.  We will provide you with a fair, honest assessment and explain the options available to you.