Stump Grinding

All Pro Able Tree & Timber is a family owned and operated tree service which has been serving the Southern Tier, Twin Tiers, and surrounding region for over 50 years. Whether you want an old rotten stump that’s been around for ages gone or you want some stumps taken care of with tree work you just had done, we can help! Let our professionals remove it.

As beneficial and aesthetically pleasing as trees are, at some point they all need to be removed. The team at All Pro Able Tree & Timber can help you manage your trees, determine when removal is the best management option, and remove the tree safely and efficiently.  Part of the process for most residential customers and businesses is to remove or “grind” the stump.

All Pro Able Tree & Timber’s stump grinding service can help remove unsightly stumps from your property, making it easier to tidy up and look more presentable.  Proper stump grinding not only removes stumps; it prevents new growth from the stump, & also removes a great home for unwanted insects near your home. Another important consideration is whether or not you plan to build where the tree stump is or add a patio or paving. Because a tree stump is a wood, an organic material, it will decompose over time. This means that it isn’t a stable base material for construction, and any foundations, footings, or rigid materials will move over time.

We have multiple equipment options to handle your specific stump removal project and use various machines, especially for those hard-to-reach spots and grind stumps from smallest to largest in diameter.  We use a variety of grinders depending on the size of the stump, access to the area, etc.  Lightweight grinder models are used for small jobs, bigger, more powerful grinders are used for large stumps and complex logistics. The types of stump grinders we may use for your project include:

Hand-guided, walk-behind, or “handlebar” grinders are small and lightweight. Their small size makes them the most portable, as they’ll fit in the back of a truck.

Rear-hitch, wheeled stump grinders can be attached to a truck or trailer for travel and are then uncoupled at the job site and steered into place.

Riding grinders are agile, like a bobcat or small tractor, with the operator controlling the grinder from a seat.

Skid stump grinders have continuous track treads like a tank, and are driven from behind, or by an operator riding atop. The continuous treads grip large surface areas and are used where the ground is soft and traditional wheels would churn up soil or turf.

A stump grinder attachment can be added to a skid steer, where it will be operated by the same arms that guide its trenching or bucket attachments.

As with most powerful equipment, stump grinders are designed specifically for their purpose.

Once the tree is removed, the remaining stump can be ground at a minimum of 4-6 inches below ground surface leaving the area sod ready and visually clear.

The machine is powered by an engine that turns a heavy-duty blade.  This blade chews away at the remaining wood/stump and cuts or rips the wood into chips or mulch.  The process created more wood chips than you would think.  These chips can then be used as mulch on-site or added to your green waste can. You’ll also have a hole since you’ve just ground out all the stump volume that filled it. You can shovel the wood chips into the hole to decay, or you can import fresh sifted topsoil and seed a whole new area. All Pro Able Tree & Timber can recreate yard where there never was before.

We are often asked about do it yourself options for stump grinding.  We do not recommend this for the following reasons:

  • Stump grinders are generally used by professionals, such as the crew at All Pro Able Tree & Timber. As with most heavy, powerful equipment, the chance for injury is high.
  • In addition to working the machine itself, operators need protective equipment to protect them from noise and from flying debris. Debris can be sharp pieces of wood, but also anything else that might be hiding in the ground: rocks, old fence posts, old piping, bricks, glass, nails, or lost tools.
  • All Pro Able Tree & Timber also carries insurance against accidental damage to property from tree removal and stump grinding. Insurance should be in place to cover any unanticipated damage to customer’s or neighbor’s property as applicable.

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