Firewood sales

All Pro Able Tree & Timber is a family owned and operated tree service which has been serving the Southern Tier, Twin Tiers, and surrounding region for over 50 years.  With several smaller crews completing tree removals, trimming, or pruning daily and our larger crews providing commercial logging and lot clearing, we handle literally tons of wood on a daily basis.

All Pro Able Tree and Timer is committed to sustaining our natural resources and being environmentally responsible.  Not every tree, log or trimming is desirable to the lumber mills.  If wood falls into this category, we convert it to natural firewood. We find it satisfying to provide local renewable energy to our customers.

Quality firewood makes for the perfect way to enjoy a cozy fire outside, heat your home, or cook your food. Located in the Southern Tier of New York, All Pro Able Tree and Timber carefully produces locally harvested woods…including ash, red and white oak, hickory, maple, cherry, and other hardwoods. We’ll help you stay warm without any back-breaking work or hassle.

Not only does our all-natural firewood burn longer and cleaner than processed firewood, but you can rest assured there are never any chemicals or additives. Whether you need firewood for cooking, heating your home, or just creating some great memories by the fire pit with friends and family, we have you covered!

Buying your wood early will assure you of having the best seasoned wood stacked and ready by fall.  But because of the volume of wood generated from our tree removal and logging services, and the significant volume of firewood we produce, All Pro Log & Timber Management can provide season split firewood throughout the year. If you do run out of split firewood in the winter, we can help. All Pro Able Tree & Timber will deliver you seasoned, split firewood throughout the year.

We offer customers several options to choose from when purchasing quality firewood from All Pro Able Tree and Timber.


“Blocks” or small chunks of logs cut into 16-20 inches for your own splitting pleasure.


Already processed and split, seasoned hard wood brought to you.


Full tree length log loads brought by log truck straight from the landing or one of our yards.

We will deliver wood to you, or customers may come to one of our processing sites and pick up firewood for themselves.  (If you want us to deliver firewood to your location, there is a minimum order of 3 face cord or more.)

Our firewood is typically sold using one of three units of measure.

By the Face cord.

Face cord means the front or face of a standard cord, i.e., four feet in height and eight feet in width, and the depth being defined by the length of the cut wood expressed in inches. The dimensions shall be stated whenever the term face cord is used in any representation. (NYS Weights and Measures)

By the Cord.

Cord means the amount of wood which is contained in a space of 128 cubic feet, when the wood is ranked and well stowed. The dimensions for a standard cord of wood are four feet in height, eight feet in width and four feet in depth and shall be stated whenever the term is used. (NYS Weights and Measures)


A load of logs will vary based on the size of the truck used for delivery and the desired volume a customer is requesting.  Logs may originate from the landing of a logging job and require time to dry/season after being cut, or older cut logs which are stacked in one of our yards.  We suggest that customers take into account the possibility of the need for drying/seasoning time after cutting/splitting logs in to firewood when planning a delivery.

No matter what size or option you select, all our quality firewood will exceed your expectations for burning in your fireplace, wood-burning stove, or outdoor campfire ring.

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Contact us today for a quote on a firewood option which best suits your needs.  After working with our team to schedule your delivery and receiving your high-quality firewood from All Pro Able Tree & Timber, it will be obvious why All Pro Able Tree & Timber has become the most reputable and reliable tree service provider across Broome County, Tioga County, Chenango County, Delaware County, Steuben County, Cortland County, Onondaga County and beyond!