24-Hour Storm Damage Services

All Pro Able Tree & Timber is a family owned and operated tree service which has been serving the Southern Tier, Twin Tiers, and surrounding region for over 50 years.  For decades, All Pro Able Tree and Timber has been a huge help in several communities by providing emergency and storm response.  Our crews have been requested and dispatched throughout New York State including Binghamton and the Southern Tier, Elmira/Corning, Albany, and across Northeastern Pennsylvania.

In the northeast, High winds, wet soil conditions, snow/ ice accumulation, etc. can lead to branch and root failure. When this happens, broken limbs, hanging limbs, or fallen trees can quickly create not only a significant amount of damage to your property, but also have other effects.

The last 50 years in business and numerous floods, ice storms, tornados and snow events has taught us a lot about the devastation, destruction, financial and emotional impact that fallen trees can cause. Proper care and maintenance of trees can be far cheaper and less stressful than dealing with the aftermath of large storms, normal windstorms, heavy snow, or soggy ground. Here are some of the things that we’ve learned and some of the things our customers have told us:

  • Customers that were proactive and had potentially dangerous trees removed in the period prior to a storm felt a whole lot of relief – both emotional and financial.
  • Some insurance policies won’t cover damage from trees if the trees were not properly maintained.
  • Most insurance policies set limits on what they will cover, sometimes much less than the actual cost to repair the damage.
  • It can sometimes take months to receive funds from insurance companies, even if you paid upfront to have the trees removed and repairs completed.
  • After storms, be wary of unskilled individuals who approach you. They often pressure homeowners into costly work, lack expertise and training, and put homeowners at risk without proper licensing or insurance.

Having a large tree on your building, across your roof, on a vehicle or blocking access to your property can cause immediate stress and the desire to remove it can be strong. Calling the professionals helps minimize the damage that will incur while removing it and prevents further damage to property or possibly injury or death a non-experienced woodsman.

If this happens to you… the first thing you need to do is be safe and protect yourself, your family or employees.

  • Never touch or attempt to remove fallen limbs from downed or sagging power lines; always report downed lines to your local utility company.
  • Keep away from areas where uprooted trees may have damaged underground utilities.
  • Avoid walking underneath trees that have broken limbs dangling.
  • If you need to inspect a tree after a storm, do not walk underneath its suspended branches or leaning trunk. Approach a leaning tree from the opposite side of the direction it is leaning. Binoculars are great for inspecting trees from a safe distance.

Sometimes it pays to have an expert come and look at your dangerous and disastrous situation.

Knowing this is a stressful time we even start the process off by handling not only the safety of the property but also speaking with your insurance agent and getting the ball rolling on your insurance claim. We can also assist you with any tarping of roofing or other damage until other adjusters show up.

Knowing the correct angles of pressure or the dangers of kickbacks is so very important, and our many years of experience helps us to do it safely and with little to no damage at all.

Refrain from doing tree work yourself. Pruning large limbs or removing trees is a dangerous business that requires specialized equipment and training.

If you are faced with the aftermath of a storm or incident requiring immediate response, you may benefit from our round-the-clock tree removal services. Our emergency team works around the clock to restore your home and prevent further damage. We offer professional tree removal services to help clean up these situations in a hurry.

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